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Latest Issue, May 2023

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Background: Peripheral neuropathy refers to any disorder of the peripheral nervous system. It is a common neurological disorder with variable presentations and numerous etiologies. Nerve conduction studies are an extension of clinical history and examination. NCS are less invasive, and are sensitive to both myelin sheath and axonal changes. It is an excellent measure of the function of the PNS and provides a reliable index of measurement in the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of the patient.
Objectives: To study the clinical parameters and etiologies in suspected cases of peripheral neuropathy, and its association with nerve conduction study.
Methods: 100 patients of both genders above the age of 18 years, with clinical features suggestive of peripheral neuropathy, were observed to study the etiology and correlate clinical parameters with nerve conduction study to assess the severity of peripheral neuropathy.
Results: Out of 100 subjects, 57 were male and 43 were females (M:F = 1.3:1). Most common clinical presentation in our study was burning/ tingling/ pricking sensation in the limbs, followed by numbness/ loss of sensation. Most common etiology was observed to be diabetes mellitus, followed by chronic ethanol abuse. Majority of patients presenting with burning/ tingling/ pricking sensation revealed mixed sensory motor lesions on the NCS with demyelinating nerve injury.
Conclusion: NCS is a reliable investigation in diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of peripheral neuropathy. Most frequent presenting symptom was burning/ tingling sensation, followed by numbness. Most common etiology was diabetes, followed by chronic ethanol abuse. We inferred that patients with multiple etiologies of peripheral neuropathy had more severe findings on NCS as compared to those presenting with single etiologies. Majority of patients with mild symptoms were found to have pure sensory demyelinating lesions on NCS, whereas severe neuropathic symptoms revealed mixed sensory motor lesions with axonal and demyelinating injury on NCS. Hence, clinical examination and NCS will guide the clinician to assess the severity of peripheral neuropathy, its prognosis, and promote better management of patients.


The paper describes is to examines the skills and applications of word processing software using VCW library users. The main objective of this study is to examine the purpose, frequency, advantages, and applications of word-processing software which is currently used by VCW students. Nowadays, word processing software plays a phenomenal role in all aspects, particularly in studies and research-related areas. Out of 180 questionnaires, 168 are fully responded to by respondents. Collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistical methods by using computerized data processing techniques. The majority of the respondents belong to the category of age (18-20) 84 (50%). Most of the students are accessing the word processor under the guidelines of library professionals in the VCW library 53(31.5%). Most of the students use word processor for preparing seminars/conferences for their academic exposures 70 (41.7%). 82 (48.8%) of the students use the word processor, at least once a week.


In Ethiopia, a number of improved bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties have been released by different research centers. However, all of these varieties were not evaluated in Jajura district for growth characters, yield and yield components which are necessary for identification of adaptable varieties for this major wheat growing district. Therefore, a field experiment was conducted in 2022 cropping season using 12 released varieties in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. Data were recorded for 5 characters. The objectives of this experiment were to estimate the performance released bread varieties in the district and also to see the variability, heritability in bread wheat varieties. Results of the analysis of variance revealed that varieties were differed significantly for all characters studied. Highly significant variability observed among varieties for grain yield kg/ ha, which was ranged from 5644.6-7088.5kg/ha with the mean value of 6235.77 kg/ha. The highest grain yield (7088.5kg/ha) was recorded for Boru while low yield of 5644.6kg/ha was obtained from Lemu.