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Latest Issue, September 2022

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Entrepreneurship is widely regarded as the driving force behind economic growth and as a buffer against underdevelopment, unemployment, and poverty. The developed economy has paid a lot of attention to entrepreneurship. By cultivating an entrepreneurial aim among students, entrepreneurship education inspires the entrepreneurial spirit and attitude. In-depth discussion of entrepreneurial intention among tertiary students has received more attention in the literature than that of secondary school students. The purpose of this study is to determine the variables that affect secondary school students' entrepreneurial intention, with government policy serving as a mediating element. The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB), the most popular model for assessing entrepreneurial intention, served as the foundation for earlier studies. To support government policy, Agency Theory (AT) is employed in this study to identify the mediating influence of government policy. A conceptual framework that was constructed from the existing literature was proposed in this study. The study's recommendations would give entrepreneurs, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) insight into the fundamental elements that affect one's intention to start a business. To implement policies and provide sustainable entrepreneurship instruction and programs in Nigerian secondary schools, the findings is helpful to policy makers.


Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a spiral shaped bacteria is one of the potent enemies of our gastrointestinal system. Currently, numerous antibiotic-based therapies are available to treat H. pylori infection. However, these therapies have several inherent problems including antibiotic resistance, adverse side effects and high cost. Further, long-term therapy with antibiotics can result in pervasive alterations in the gut flora, leading to the susceptibility of infections. Therefore, current antibiotic-based therapy to treat H. pylori infection fails in several cases, this situation has demanded the researchers to develop other therapeutic approaches to control H. pylori infection. Since, honey is a store of nutrients such as sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, phenols and volatile organic molecules with therapeutic benefits against various pathogens, natural honey has the potential for treatment of H. pylori infection. Honey acts as anti-H.pylori agent to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Here, we describe natural honey with its potential role in treatment of H. pylori infection.


Excessive consumption of alcohol is a critical issue that affects the lives of many people including church family members. This puts into question the very beliefs, faith and teachings of the church on alcohol consumption. The study investigated the involvement of the church in eradication of excessive alcohol consumption among christian family members, taking the case of Full Gospel Church in Baringo Central sub- County Baringo County, Kenya. The objective of the paper is to establish the strategies put by the church to eradicate the consumption of excessive alcohol among Christian family members. It used a questionnaire to collect data from participants who include 175 church elders and members and these participants were selected using sample random procedure. The discussion is fundamentally informed by community faith-based functional approach and phenomenological method of the church which provides insights into the mission of the christian church in dealing with community issues that affect her integrity. The discussion in the study advocates for an ontological turn in regard to consumption of alcohol; a turn which underlines the notable place of eradication of the excessive alcohol consumption among christian family members. The study raises candid in community based issues about christians’ behavior towards alcohol and respectively how they can live their faith among societal and secular influences for alcohol consumption, while advocating for homegrown solutions to the problem. The finding showed that the church is carrying with an outreach services like guiding and counseling, crusading, preaching and educating christian family members. The study recommended that the church should commit herself fully in finding viable ways to evangelize those involved in the menace.