• The International Journal of Advanced Research and Review (IJARR) is committed to maintain the highest standards of publication ethics. Authors submitting their research work to the IJARR for publication as original articles/review articles/case paper show that the submitted works represent their authors' contributions and have not been plagiarized in whole or in part from other works. Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their ideas. It is important to avoid:

  • Multiple submissions

    It is unethical to submit the same manuscript to more than one journal at the same time. Doing this wastes the time of editors and reviewers, and can damage the reputation of journals if published in more than one.

  • Statistics fabrication and falsification

    Statistics fabrication means the researcher did not actually do the study, but made up data. Statistics falsification means the researcher did the experiment, but then changed some of the information. Both of these practices make individuals distrust scientists. If the community is suspicious of science then it will be less willing to provide financial support.

  • Redundant publications

    This means publishing very similar articles based on the same research. It can make readers less likely to pay attention to your manuscripts.

  • Authors' Responsibilities

    • Authors must certify that their manuscript is their original research work.
    • Authors must certify that the manuscript has not previously been published elsewhere, oreven submitted and been in reviewed in another journal.
    • Authors must participate in the peer review process and follow the comments.
    • Authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.
    • Authors must report any errors they discover in their published paper to the Editors.
    • Authors cannot withdraw their articles within the review process.

  • Plagiarism

    Taking the information and work of others without giving them recognition is inequitable and dishonest. plagiarism even one sentence from someone else's manuscript, or even one of your own that has previously been published, without proper citation is considered plagiarism-use your own words instead.