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Latest Issue, June 2020

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People seek out parks because they provide contact with the natural environment and a social environment which offers opportunities for meeting with friends, watching others and being seen all of which help to establish a feeling of comfort and security. The design of a park can have a direct impact on people’s perceptions of safety and their willingness to use a space. The physical characteristics which park users associate with high-risk environments include: Poor lighting, Confusing layout, Physical and aural isolation, Poor visibility, No access to help, Areas of concealment, Poor maintenance, Vandalism, Presence of “undesirables. In this paper we are going to focus on lighting and the effect of that in the safety of dunya Baris Park near besiktas, Istanbul, turkey. The single most requested physical design modification to improve safety is usually an increase in lighting. Lighting is a key factor because it can clarify the layout of a park by emphasizing walkways, focal points, gathering places and building entrances. When planned as a coordinated system, lighting improves the night time legibility, use and enjoyment of a site. Different methodologies have made in this case, like Experimental Study Area, site observations, to understand qualitative variables and also, make questionnaires about user satisfaction in this park to reach both qualitative and quantitative variables, In order to know the effect of public lighting on the pedestrian's sense of safety in the city parks.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the overreaching terms incorporating all the modes of transmissions like electronic devices and services, mobile networks and application which help in the dissemination of information. In any sector, the role of information cannot be ignored. Every sector, every industry in the economy needs information for the development. ICT is an important catalyst in the development of economy if it used in a efficient manner. This paper analyses the role of ICT in the agricultural and banking sector of economy and how ICT can revolutionize the two important segments of Indian economy.


Aruna A Jawade, Rajani G Tumane, Shubhangi K Pingle*, Bhuvneshwari A. Mehere

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Introduction: Several pieces of evidence focus light on the culprit characteristic of crystalline silica for the induction and development of silicosis. Therefore, the present study was suggested to assess the impact of silica exposure on immunoglobulin levels.
Material and Methods: One hundred fifty subjects (n=150) were selected from the stone quarries of Central India, classified as healthy control (n=75) and workers exposed to respirable silica dust (n=75).Workers having less than 10 years exposure were excluded.  
Result: The mean duration of exposure for the experimental group is 15.8 ± 4.80 yrs. 
The mean value of serum IgM in exposed and control groups are 75.8.1l ± 18.52 mg/dL and 109 ± 19.81 mg/dL respectively and significantly depressed in the exposed group as compared to the control group (p<0.0001). The mean differences in the concentration of IgA between two groups are statistically significant with P< 0.001. Experimental group is showing 248.14±58.20 mg/dL concentration in comparison with control 124.26 ±30.11 mg/dL. The mean IgG value of exposed and control group is 1737.18 ± 469.62 mg/dL & 1005.17±219.56mg/dL respectively. 
Conclusion: Concentration of immunoglobulin IgG and IgA is raised and IgM level is depleted in silica dust exposed workers.  However, further studies are necessary to understand the immunological mechanisms alteration involved in silicosis.


The general purpose of the study was to assess effects of capital structure on financial performance of Commercial Banks in Mombasa County. The specific objectives were: Investigate the effect of debt finance on financial performance of commercial banks in Mombasa County, Kenya, Examine the influence of Equity finance on financial performance of commercial banks in Mombasa County, Kenya, Determine the effect of cost of debt on financial performance of commercial banks in Mombasa County, Kenya, Establish the effect of dividend policy on financial performance of commercial banks in Mombasa County, Kenya. The theories employed relevant to the study were, Modigliani and Miller theory, Trade-off theory, Pecking order theory, Agency theory & Bird in hand theory. The Target population of the study was 127 respondents from 25 commercial banks based on their banking industry stability and performance, using simple random sampling technique the researcher arrived at a sample of 98 respondents from the 25 commercial banks ensuring the core banking departments are represented from marketing, retail and operations to credit advances. The primary data was collected using structured questionnaires administered to the 98 respondents, adopting Descriptive research design in collecting data. Only 64 respondents returned the questionnaires. Secondary data was obtained from published financial statements between the periods of 2014-2018, being 5 years period of study. Test for validity was done by use of Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy the value was 0.538 hence useful. Bartlett's test of sphericity tests the hypothesis that the variables used for the study were related, value less than 0.05 significance value is satisfactory, the value was at 0.00 significance level. The value of reliability test was done by use of Cronbach Alpha, the values for all the variables were greater than 0.7 hence satisfactory. The study revealed that there is no significant effect demonstrated by debt finance measured by Total Debt Asset Ratio and dividend policy measured by Dividend Pay-out Ratio with financial performance (ROA & ROE) as per their p-values of 0.526 & 0.230 respectively by use of primary data. While there was significant positive effect on financial performance (ROE & ROA) with equity finance (Proprietary Ratio) and cost of debt (Interest Cover Ratio) as per p-values 0.009 & 0.002 respectively. On data analysis of secondary data the results revealed significant positive effect on financial performance (ROE & ROA) with Equity finance (Proprietary Ratio) and Cost of Debt (Interest Cover Ratio) with p-values of 0.033 and 0.00 respectively. 


Deep Shankar Pruthi, Puneet Nagpal, Uma Kumar, Babita Bansal

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The occurrence of multiple primary (triple synchronous) malignant neoplasms are rare. The exact aetiology is unknown and the management is complex. We describe a previously healthy elderly male who presented with breathlessness and difficulty in passing urine. Imaging revealed three separate tumours in prostate, lung and incidentally in oropharynx. All three sites underwent individual histopathological examination. The patient was treated initially with a combination of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy and later with external beam radiotherapy for oropharyngeal lesion. The prognosis of such patients is poor. Our patient expired with a survival of 16 months.


Kushal S N, Monisha H G, Manasa J S, Maniesh M V, Dr. V M Aparanji

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Fruit plucking during harvesting period involves labor intensive and time consuming steps. Automatic fruit plucking drones has to be developed to avoid the scarcity of labor and to consume less time. In order to make drones automatic, fruits have to be detected and classified properly. Drone need to be stabilized during flight and remotely controlled by the user. Robotic arm with gripper needs to be interfaced with the drone to pluck and hold the fruit. Fruit detection is performed by training different fruit images to object detection algorithms like SSD-Lite. Recognized fruit information is given to user through Raspberry Pi and is displayed in receiver module. Then Raspberry Pi controls the robotic arm automatically to pluck the fruits. Project can be implemented to harvest various kinds of fruits in orchards like apple, banana, guava and citrus etc.


Developments in robotic systems have created opportunities for use in many different areas and developed solution systems. Especially in labor-intensive studies, with the use of robotic systems, more mass production results were obtained with less errors. Polishing is a work that requires a lot of operator experience in manual applications. It is applied in many fields such as aviation, industrial and health. Although there are advantageous aspects of current manual use due to visual adaptation, the use of robotic systems in polishing applications is increasing day by day, especially after the developments in sensor technology. In this study, a robotic system has been developed to be used in the finishing processes of glasses frames including polishing. By comparing the developed system with the results obtained with the current technology, the benefits to be obtained in the use of the developed system were determined. As a result of the study, it was determined that the developed system has the ability to perform glasses frame polishing processes with high efficiency.


Aim of the present investigation is to study the approval motive, perceived family environment and career-family values as expressed by female college students belonging to nuclear and joint families at Kolkata. A group of 100 female college students (50 from nuclear& 50 from joint families) between the ages20 to 25 years were selectedas sample following the random sampling technique. A General Information Schedule, Approval Motive Questionnaire, Perceived Family Environment Questionnaire andCareer-family Values Questionnaire were used as tools. Findings revealed thatapproval motive, perceived family environment and family values were higher among female college students belonging to joint families than that of nuclear families. In case of career values, female college students belonging to nuclear families scored significantly higher than that of the students belonging to joint families. Furthermore, a significant positive correlation was observed between approval motive and family values & perceived family environment and family values as well as a significant negative correlation was observed between approval motive and career values and also perceived family environment and career values of female college students residing at Kolkata city.


The purpose of the current review is the investigation of hypotheses of independence among various economical, educational and environmental footprint indices of the countries involved in the suggested OBOR and MSR routes. Data from National Footprint Accounts (2018) edition (Data Year 2014); Building on World Development Indicators, The World Bank (2016); and U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization rankings were collected and analyzed.