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Latest Issue, August 2020

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N’guetta Moise EHOUMAN*, Konan Alphonse ALUI, Mamadou TOURE, Vamara KONE, Seydou TIHO

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Côte d’Ivoire


One of the major problems to the promotion of mushroom culture is the weak productivity of the substrata. The present work, had for objective to formulate a substratum susceptible to increase the profitability of culture of Pleurotusostreatus, to identify the best composition of the organic substrata to use in vermicomposting for an improvement of the production of Pleurotusostreatus. Two substrata have been formulated. The substrata have been divided in 3 shares each and submitted to 3 treatments of (15 ± 3, 30 ± 3 and 45 ± 3) days by vermicomposting in the goal to determine the best level of mineralization for mushroom culture. These treatments are compared to the control substratum constituted of sawdust of wood (94 %), rice bran (5 %), CaCO3 (1 %) composting during 45 ± 3 days. The comparative survey of the biologic and economic outputs of the substrata showed that the vermicomposts got better results in relation to the control substratum. It is some in the same way for the results of the biologic efficiency as well as the middle number of runts.


T.Velmurugan*, Dr.T.Marirajan*, Ms.Mulenga Chileshe*

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Women farmers play a critical role in the agriculture sector. Their contribution to national food security cannot be over emphasized. A research on the challenges faced by women farmers in Chongwe district was conducted and targeted a total of fifty women farmers who were randomly selected. This research highlighted the major challenges women in agriculture sector world over face.
The need to access information and training is critical in order for women farmers to keep up with the current world economic trends. The need to access land that is titled and or documented is a plus as well as this means that women farmers are able to borrow against their title. Access to finance was another critical issue women farmers have no capacity to provide collateral to the financial service institutions furthermore banks continue to demand for collateral that women are unable to provide.
Readily available markets are also a critical although currently seem to be just selling to markets and super markets and finally technology has proved almost impossible as the high cost do not make it attractive for the women farmers. Basing on the research findings, it is therefore vital for government and stakeholders to work together in order to address these challenges.
It is also important for chiefs and governments to priorities land for women farmers to grow their crops. Financial service institutions should also be flexible enough to provide asset financing to women farmers. There is need to identify and provide more readily available markets and finally there is need for private sector to affordable mechanized solutions for women farmers that will be conducive and easy to use and adapt.


Earth faces many issues putting at risk the human way of life. This situation is caused by various factors related to population growth, industrialization, urbanization and comsuption rate. In order to overcome these problems, only solution may depend on a sustainable living. Converting settlements into an eco friendly habitat based on natural implementation could provide humanity a safer future.
The study focuses on qualities and regulations on sustainability for the design, construction and merging of green building into the natural environment. Green buildings provide a collective life to the inhabitants as well as providing support in closing gap with the nature. Design and construction tips presented in the study are eloborated with global and local implementation examples in order to provide a deeper undertanding of a global issue. The study also mentions the aesthetic, financial and social awareness related values of green buildings.


During history all product design has been based on function without any thought on aesthetics. The radial nature of a wheel is the result of a desired function. The form of an object needs to be its language. In order to perceive the product and its function at first glance, the real success is when the object expresses itself easily leading to an enhanced communication between the user and the product. Another aspect of the product that carries the utmost importance oriented on communication is the material as well as color allowing the product to express itself and convey message in order to trigger an emotion.
As implied in 'form follows function', the ergonomic form of cutlery or a glass filled with liquids all have a similar approach design wise. The language of the object can't be stated only by form, material and color as they also have a strong influence on the final object and its perception. An object in contact with heat of fire can't be produced from plastic or wood. From the prespective of product language, a white milk container, brown chocolate sauce, colors of mustard and mayonaise all imply the importance of color of products. This study focuses on the importance of form language of products and objects centered on providing elaborated descriptions regarding the terms presented.


The study sought to establish the factors affecting procurement performance in state corporations in Mombasa County. The study objectives were: to examine the effect of supplier relationship management on the procurement performance of state corporations in Kenya, to find out the effect of risk management on the procurement performance of state corporations in Kenya, to establish the effect of procurement ethics on the procurement performance of state corporations in Kenya and find out the effect of procurement leadership on the procurement performance of state corporations in Kenya. The study was anchored on various theories namely, the agency theory, the institutional theory, the four pillars theory and the public value theory. The study adopted a research design descriptive of the survey. The study targeted 5 employees per company with the 34 state-owned companies operating in Mombasa County, namely Procurement Managers, Procurement Officers, Record Officers, Suppliers and Junior Procurement staff. This gave 170 respondents. Using Slovenes formula, the sample size was approximated to the 63 respondents. The study targeted a sample of 63 respondents. The response rate was considered good and deemed fit for the study. The mean and standard deviation for the study variables was calculated based on the responses from the questionnaires. Regression and correlation analysis were done using SPSS. The overall mean was calculated by getting the average of the means. The study variables were supplier relationship management, risk management, procurement ethics, procurement leadership and procurement performance. Supplier relationships management was found to correlate positively with procurement performance and significant. Increase in supplier relationship management leads to increase in procurement performance. Risk Management correlated positively with procurement performance and significantly. Increase in risk management leads to an increase in procurement performance. Procurement ethics was found to correlate positively with procurement performance and significant. This implies increase in procurement ethics leads to an increase in procurement performance. Procurement Leadership was found to correlate positively with project performance and significant. This implies that increase in procurement leadership leads to increase in procurement performance. This study was based in Mombasa County, it will be prudent to replicate the study in other counties too and compare with the findings. This will enable contribution to the body of knowledge on procurement performance of state corporations.


Juli Jain, Whidul Hasan, Deepali Jat

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Mitochondria is an important organelle of the body. The role of mitochondria in the body is to produce energy in the form of ATP. Mitochondria have their DNA that participates in coding certain enzymes which involve in oxidative phosphorylation. Mutation of any other genetic variation in mitochondrial DNA leads to dysfunction of mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) which contributes to many types of cancer. Observations made during the last few decades revealed that a variety of disorders including cancer and different neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, have a mitochondrial origin. Disturbance of mitochondrial critical functions, such as ATP production, calcium buffering capacity, and excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), can be potentially implicated in disease pathogenesis. In this article we explained the role of mitochondria behind the adenosine triphosphate production and also simultaneous production of (ROS) which causes mtDNA damage, leads to many types of cancers. In this article, we also explained what strategy we may use to minimize the production of ROS or free radical to reduce oxidative damage and another way which may be used to destroy dysfunctional mitochondria and accomplish healthy copy of the genome.