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Latest Issue, December 2017

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This experiment was carried out to study the effect of orientations of explants and concentrations of sucrose on shoot organogenesis of snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata L.) under in vitro conditions. Explants were excised from healthy juvenile leaves and sterilized. Subsequently they were kept horizontal and vertical positions in MS medium containing 3% and 5% of sucrose concentrations. The results showed that sucrose at 3% was the most suitable concentration to produce the high number of shoots and sucrose at 5% was the most responsive concentration for the shoot elongation in the cultured leaf explants of snake plant. Further, the result exhibited that the most suitable explant orientation for the shoot induction and proliferation was horizontal placement of leaf explants.


Culture, while learning a language, plays a vital role. Culture of the target language is given much importance in learning. However, the native culture interference is also not neglected. This study speculates whether native cultural aspects, like students’ religious beliefs, students’ geographical background, student teacher relationship, teaching system and class size affect learning English as a foreign language in Bangladesh. Through a survey on 200 students  from two private universities and an intense one on one interview of 9 teachers of one university, data is collected for this mixed method study of qualitative and quantitative research . The results are discussed in light of Sapir Whorfian theory, which has never been tested in the context of Bangladesh and Interculturality is used as a theoretical basis to emphasize on the solutions. Recommendations are made for the teachers so that they would find out possible solutions and help students to overcome the barriers caused due to cultural differences. According to the students, the most affective factor that creates a barrier in learning English is teacher-student relationship with teaching system being the second and students’ geographical background being the third affective factor. Teacher interviews solidify these findings. Along with these barriers teachers opine that students’ religious belief, and class size also play major roles as cultural barriers in learning English as a foreign language with most of the students being unaware of these issues. Well trained Teachers as instructors and culture bridging materials could minimize cultural barriers in learning English as a foreign language in Bangladesh. More exposure to the target culture as well as raising awareness of the issues related to cultural barriers help learners enhance the knowledge of the world and enable co-ordinate with the linguistic as well as cultural factors of learning a foreign language.


Sehrish Badar*,  Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, Danish Raza, Syed Waseemuddin Ahmed, Zafar Alam Mahmood, Iqbal Azhar ,  Ishrat Younus , Saman Usmani

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Occupational asthma is a major health illness. In developing countries this occupational asthma is much more prevalent and most often reported. Therefore, it was an alarming need to assess prevalence and risk factors of occupational asthma. This review focused on the incidences of occupational asthma its types, pathophysiology, different trends, its awareness and occurrence in various industrial sectors. With this extensive review we can better evaluate the causal factors, prevalence and natural remedies suppressing the risk of occupational asthma to help the working community for better health and life. Further investigations should be done in this regard to develop strategies and interventions to overcome this problem. The review and the findings may become more meaningful if its assessments reflect real improvements and implementation for the betterment and protection of health.


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) played a very vital role by providing wage employment for one hundred days in a year to each rural household whose adult member volunteer to do unskilled manual work. It acts as a fall back measures during these lean seasons by becoming an alternative source of income for these poor household, acting as a social safety net for them. This study analyses the impact of the program on the rural development. Rural development is the overall development of rural areas with respect to food security, economic security, habitat security, health security, nutritional security etc. So, respective index are being constructed to find the impact on rural development. Randomized selection of beneficiary and non-beneficiary communities has been done. A propensity-score matching (PSM) design was used with households eligible and Probit model of regression has been applied to find out the rural development index (RDI).  It has been found that there is significant impact of the program on the rural development.


Biodegradable injectable in situ forming drug delivery systems represent an attractive alternative to microspheres and conventional implants as parenteral depot systems. In situ forming Implant concept includes biodegradable polymers dissolved in or diluted with water miscible, physiological compatible organic Solvents. Upon injection through i.m. or S.c. solvent dissipates into the physiological space & due to insolubility of polymer in physiological fluid it gets precipitated out & forms adepot with entrapped drug inside it. Drug is released from these depots either by diffusion or erosion of it. ISFI are capable to deliver them for few weeks to several months. The desired drug release profile can be obtained by modifying polymer concentration, combination of hydrophilic & hydrophobic biocompatible solvents & by using additives. Various therapeutic agents which include synthetic drugs, hormones & other protein drugs are successfully formulated& patented with this technology. Here in this review article these topics are discussed briefly. 


Different scientists and researchers work on various to investigate the effect of different plant growth regulators in the different climatic conditions of the world. This paper highlights the main findings of some relevant research work. The results and experimental work on the use of various plant growth regulators for the extension of post-harvest life various fruits are briefly compiled.


In the present study, an attempt was made to prepare immediate-release enteric-coated pellets of a NSAID class of drug, a poorly soluble nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has a gastro-intestinal intolerance as its serious side effect. Formulation of enteric-coated pellets with improved solubility of drug could address both of these problems. To achieve these goals, pellets were prepared by extrusion–spheronization method using pelletizing agents that can contribute to the faster disintegration and thereby improve the solubility of the drug. Different disintegrants like β-cyclodextrin, cross carmellose sodium, sodium starch glycolate, Prosolve, crospovidone were tried in order to further improve disintegration time. The pellets were characterized for drug content, particle size distribution, flow properties, infrared spectroscopy, surface morphology, disintegration rate, and dissolution profile. The Formulation was Coated with an enteric-coated polymer which does not dissolve at gastric pH but dissolves at intestinal pH, releasing the drug immediately in dissolution medium. The improvement was substantial when it was compared with solubility of pure drug under the same conditions. Here in this review article these topics are discussed briefly.