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Latest Issue, December 2018

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At the present day, the non -stop regular uses of coastal and ocean areas leads to a need, as to consider the range of both usages and users entirely.
Not only their economic contribution to communities as habitats and ecosystems but also more wide-ranging access must be taken in the course of decision making and planning processes. This approach is known as Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, of CMSP.
Coastal and marine spatial planning is a scientific and collaborative process which is used to manage sustainable resources, activities, and interests among various coastal and ocean sectors and users. 
The transformation and use of coastal and marine systems caused a hunger for unitary movement as management and planning; coastal and marine spatial planning arose as one of these efforts.
Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning is merely a process that helps planners to make better decisions about the usage of oceans. Coastal and marine spatial planning prepares decision making powers with maps and accurate information about the environmental characteristics, geography, and present utilization of the sea.
Experts define coastal and marine spatial planning as a comprehensive, integrated, ecosystem-based planning process deliberately deviating from the single-sector, single-purpose approach that characterizes ocean and coastal management historically. In recent years, an ascending number of scientists, policy analysts and maritime science and policy experts prepare this planning approach as a way to protect marine resources, solve conflicts of use, improve inter-agency coordination and collaboration, and prepare for future ocean uses.


Dr.Mayuri Thanwar, Dr.Dhananjay Dwivedi, Dr.Anil Kumar Gharia

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Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) is an important rasayan herb and widely known as Indian ginseng in Ayurveda. In India, various parts of the plant such as leaf, root have been used to treat various diseases including sexual and nervous disorders, cancer, diabetes, ulcer, stress, arthritis and immunological disorders. The present study comprises of phytochemical screening of leaf extract of withania somnifera in different solvents. The phytochemical investigation was carried out to evaluate presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, phenolic compounds & phytosterols in different extract of withania somnifera leaf . Results shows the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrate, saponin, flavonoids, fat, oil, phytosterols. The present phytochemical screening of plant extract will be helpful in assigning the quality of crude drug or its bioactive potentials to treat several remedies.


The present paper studies the communicative function of language and the basic properties of the meaning that is conveyed through language. The paper is based upon the Theory of Implicature of Grice and its cooperative principle in pragmatics which has great importance in modern studies in linguistics. The cooperative principle contains four major maxims, namely: maxims of quality, quantity, relation, and manner. These try to identify that utterance meaning would not be accomplished if it would not take in consideration the speaker's intentions (Lyons 2002:5). The chief objective of this paper is to exhibit that the four Gricean maxims are not very reliable basis but they may be easily abandoned or flouted on several occasions. G.B.Shaw's play Saint Joan is taken as an example to show how flouting of Gricean maxims is applicable in this play. Characters throughout the play are consistently flouting these maxims. Flouting is used for comic purposes or sarcasm by Shaw in an attempt to show that the Catholic Church has committed unjust decisions concerning the burning of the innocent Joan de Arc who was canonized 25 years after she was charged with excommunication.


The fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5) communicates that by 2030 all countries, Kenya included, need to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Despite the efforts and the progress in the promotion of women education in Kenya, the gap between boys and girls is still too large in education. In Kenya out of every 100 girls, 76 complete their primary education as compared to 87 boys. This study sought to assess education opportunities effect on subjective well-being among women employees in the County Government of Kakamega, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive survey design, which guaranteed ease in understanding the insight about the problem under study. Primary data from a sample of women employees and members of the County Assembly of Kakamega making a total of 1,078 formed the target population. A sample size of 291 respondents was used to represent the target population. A self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire was pilot tested on 5% of the sample size to ensure that it was manageable, relevant and effective. The collected data was analyzed using inferential as well as descriptive statistics. The study applied chi-square technique to assess education opportunities effect on subjective well-being among women employees in the County Government of Kakamega. The study findings showed a significant relationship between education opportunities effect on subjective well-being. It was thus recommended that the County Government of Kakamega needs to enhance education opportunities for women employees so as to enhance subjective well-being among its female employees.


The aim of the present work is to study the effect of various methods on isolation of Aspergillus species associated with plant seeds. The blotter methods, potato dextrose agar method and water agar methods suggested by International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) were used in isolation of the seed borne Aspergillus species from plant seeds.  
The Aspergillus species were isolated by blotter method, potato dextrose agar method and water agar method. Aspergillus species were identified on the basis of morphological characters. It has clearly indicated that different fungi along Aspergillus species were associated with plant seeds under different condition. It is required to identify Aspergillus species and suggestion of promising treatments for fungal biodeterioration and disease management strategy. Further, this investigation helps to control other plant seed diseases effectively. Blotter method proved the best method to detect Aspergillus species in biodeterioration process than any other methods. However, the lowest fungal infestation was noted on water agar method.


Larkin `s poems are characterized with pessimism whose principle characteristics are hopelessness and inflexibly. His blackness is unique since it does not sweep all his poems; some of his poems are affirmative and hopeful.  Larkin`s pessimism are aroused sorely in front of specific sources.   His poems are injected with black outlook concerning life.  Even in some of his positive poems if these sources are existed blackness creeps to stain the words with either explicit or implicit gloom. The uniqueness of this blackness that distinguishes him from others is his justification to his black outlook. Exploring his poems can reveal    the sources of his depression that Larkin1s pen fail to surpass.