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Latest Issue, November 2019

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Plants have been the traditional sources of raw materials for medicine. The benefits of using the natural products has increased and the active plant extracts are frequently used for new drug discoveries and for the presence of antimicrobials. Mimosa pudica also called sensitive plant which folds itself when touched and spreads its leaves once again after a while. The plant extracts from various parts of Mimosa pudica may be used by those who practice Ayurveda. M.pudica is also used to avoid or cure several disorders like cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, obesity and urinary infections. This plant is famous for its anticancer alkaloid, mimosine with another valuable secondary metabolites like tannins, steroids, flavonoids, triterpenes and glycosylflavones.
The plant was identified using NCBI primer blast and to identify the antibacterial effects of aqueous extraction of root and flowers of Mimosa pudica plant, well diffusion method was done against E.coli JM 101 strain, Bacillus spp., Pseudomonas spp.bacterial cultures. The result of this study confirmed that the in-vitro antibacterial activity indicatesno significant activity against this selected bacteria in aqueous extract and there were no zone of inhibition and showed that the extracted DNA could be used directly for Polymerase Chain Reaction. 
This research presented information about Mimosa pudica plant and that claims there is a vast potential in this herb in view of therapeutics and furthermore, commercialization of this herb would be in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines is highly desirable for the benefits of humanity. The general data have provided the basis for its wide use as therapeutic both in traditional and folk medicine. In recently, there are emerging many multidrug resistant human pathogenic bacteria.


Anurajini Rathnamali

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Mimosa pudica plant also called sensitive plant, is a creeping annual and perennial herb. This plant which folds itself when touched and spreads its leaves once again after a while. The plant extracts from various parts of Mimosa pudica exhibits significant antimicrobial activities against a wide range of food borne pathogens. Mimosa pudica also used to avoid or cure several disorders like cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, obesity and urinary infections. A wide array of pharmacological properties like antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, antidepressant and etc..have been attributed to different parts of M.pudica. The whole plant of Mimosa pudicais very useful for various pharmacological and biological activities.


Ms. Anjali Singh, Dr. Suman Bala Sharma, Amandeep kaur, Anjna kumari, Anju, Babita rani, Diksha saini, Gagandeep kaur

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Addiction is chronic, relapsing problem which is characterized by compulsive intake of drug in such amount that affects the overall wellbeing of patients despite of its harmful consequences. The problem of addiction is widespread in India. The situation is critical in Punjab -nearly 75% of its youth are severely addicted to drugs i.e. 3 out of every children. Drug consumption in Punjab is three times the national average. A Govt. survey (2015) reported Drug epidemic in Punjab, though is one of the most developed states of the country. 
A comprehensive review showed that Rajyoga meditator deepens the understanding, compassion and empathy in the self towards the life with Spiritual perception and realization to deal with any kind of situation.  Rajyoga meditation has a profound impact in overcoming unconscious anxieties, fears, mental stresses etc. achieving control over mind. It helps to get rid of dependence on tobacco, smoking, alcohol and drugs by recharging mental energies into blissful directions.  In another study, Rajyoga meditation conducted in pre-operative patients helped in relieving the anxiety of open heart surgery. 
Aim: The study aimed for holistic healing with Rajyoga Meditation of addicted patients admitted in de-addiction centres.
Methods: A quasi experimental study with non probability convenient sampling technique was used with sample size 60. Sample was patients in selected de-addiction centers of Punjab. Rajyoga meditation training was introduced for 07 days by lectures, models, Charts, audios (meditation music) & commentaries. Effectiveness was assessed by Standardized Singh &Gupta (2001) Well-being scale.
Results: In experimental group difference between pretest (148.47±15.589 and post test (178.20± 18.983) well-being status was statistically significant at 0.05 levels.
Conclusion: The study concluded a significant difference between pre interventional and post interventional well-being status in experimental group. Therefore, it was found that Rajyoga meditation was effective in improving overall wellbeing status in experimental subjects.


The interaction of Nitric Oxide (NO) with Al (111) surfaces including clusters has been studied by means of semi-empirical AM1 method. Metal cluster models (up to 51 atoms) with different sizes and geometries have been used to describe the atop, bridge and three-fold sites. The binding energies of NO in different geometries are calculated and compared with the results from the experimental data available and the previous study. GAMESS and OpenMX quantum chemical programs were used to compute the binding energies of the system and the geometrical properties of the initial and optimized clusters obtained from MOLDEN and RasMol packages respectively. The NO tilted upright with respect to the surface normal axis when adsorbed on top, bridge and three-fold sites and nitrogen atom is pointing towards the surface. The cluster model approach is discussed in terms of its reliability to determine the adsorption energies and the favored site of adsorption. Based on the results, the more negative value of binding energy obtained for small clusters (Al19 and Al21) in all on top, bridge and three- fold site adsorptions. The most negative value of binding energy was obtained for binding in bridge form in some cases and three-fold sites adsorption in all the other clusters. Therefore it is concluded that the NO adsorbs preferentially on bridge and also three-fold sites in all the cluster models. Since the geometry optimization of on top converged to bridge, close to bridge and the three-fold site geometry after geometry optimization, it can be concluded that on top adsorptions are comparatively unstable.


Cereals play a very important economic and social function. However, they are deteriorated by several insect pests including Sitophilus Zeamais, a beetle of the Curculionidae, subservient to 2 host plants, millet and Maize. The genetic studies carried out so far have focused on the genetic variability of Sitophilus Zeamais and its genetic structuring according to agroecological and agro-climatic zones.
This article aims to highlight a possible genetic structuring of Sitophilus Zeamais according to 2 host plants, millet and maize.
The importance of highlighting a genetic differentiation of the insect according to these 2 host plants is to be able to apprehend after the adaptability of the insect, from the effect of each host plant on the genetic diversity of the plant population of the insect.
To achieve this goal, insects were harvested from each agro-ecological zone specifically on maize and on millet.
The exploitation of 125 sequences of the Cytochrome B gene revealed the lack of genetic structuring of Sitophilus Zeamais according to the two host plants, millet and maize. So, these are the same insects that roam between them.


Throughout history, women have been seen as vulnerable creatures who need protection and direction from men. The male movement in the male-dominated culture is opposed by numerous restrictions. 17pm In the end, the first impression was that between women and men, the need for women to move beyond a long chamber of judges with a variety of judges, the necessity of capturing women in the architectural context, was also necessary.
After the snake of the Republic, in conjunction with the changing society and thinking system in Turkey. The location of the woman has shown a change in social, cultural, and economic dimensions. Location in the family, wife who lives when change; Do not keep today's ringleaders in an important position, while facilitating the development of the practitioner and the advancement of the community is being found. In workplaces, in the changing community, the training that women receive in the community discussing how to influence one's position, identity and character in time. The impact of the survey on the area and the recent impact on public health is explained. In my community, women in particular are influenced by their architecture. This concentrated work, women in the business world, in the advancement of society it aims to draw attention to the fact that it will provide an important influence.


With the development of the industry and the acceleration of the technological age, a rapid development is observed in the fictions of space in play and cinema samples. The sight of the unseen and the unseen make it possible to look at the concept of space from a wide horizon. In this context, it can be thought that the game and cinema industry is in a continuous change and development.
The predictions that industrial spaces and industrialization will increase in the vision of future tense can be seen as a sign that fictional spaces will increase in number and quality. The aim of this study is to examine the data obtained with the help of qualitative methods in the industrial platform.